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With the AGRES Virtual Guide, you have the ultimate solution to improve your agricultural operation. A single tool for better management, from soil preparation to harvest, allowing you to achieve incredible results.

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One product, many functions

The Virtual Guide, which will control the path of the machines in your cultivation area, carrying out the navigations in parallel trajectories, regardless of whether the route starts in a straight line or a curve, requiring only a start point and an end point.

The system allows various field operations to be carried out, such as soil preparation, seed planting, crop cultivation and crop harvesting. Thus, with the information generated and stored in ISO 30, you can manage your entire agricultural operation in a more effective and strategic way, so as to improve your productivity.

One System Multiple Possibilities

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Advanced Navigation

With our Parallel Line Navigation system, you will take your field productivity to a new level. Regardless of the shape of your lines – straight or curved – AGRES Virtual Guide ensures uniform soil coverage. This results in the elimination of overlaps and gaps in application, better utilization of inputs and significant time savings. Imagine the savings in resources and the increase in yield you will get!

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Accurate Monitoring

The AGRES Virtual Guide goes further! It precisely controls the break and restart points of the activity, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off in the last operation. Imagine how much this optimizes your working time. In addition, it offers the function of recording routes and mapping areas traveled. This means that you will have access to an overview of the work done, being able to analyze and plan future operations more assertively.

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One Product, A Sea of Possibilities

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Intelligent Data Management

Want to maximize the efficiency of your agricultural operations? AGRES Virtual Guide is the solution. Our system offers real-time calculation of areas covered by the machine, along with recording of speed, distance and operating time. All of this allows precise monitoring of the operation’s efficiency, identifying areas for improvement and increasing productivity.

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Connectivity and Portability

Finally, the practicality and versatility you need. With AGRES Virtual Guide, you can import projects from pre-defined guides, saving time and effort in the initial setup. In addition, storing and downloading all recorded data allows for detailed analysis later and sharing information with the team. Your decision-making will be much faster and more efficient.

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IsoView 30

7" touch on-board computer


Guide control license

IsoPoint 1

L1 GPS/GLONASS antenna


Power supply and antenna

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The opinion of farmers:

Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson
Farm Owner
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The AGRES virtual guide has revolutionized the way I manage my farm. It provides me with real-time data and actionable recommendations, ensuring that every decision I make is well-informed. The software is robust and the installation was a breeze. This guide has truly enhanced my farm's productivity and efficiency.
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
Agricultural Engineer
Read More
As an agricultural engineer, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions, and the AGRES virtual guide exceeded my expectations. The software is incredibly powerful, offering comprehensive insights for precision farming. The installation was quick and hassle-free, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to access the valuable features. This guide is a must-have for any modern farmer.
John Smith
John Smith
Agro-Technology Product Analyst
Read More
The AGRES virtual guide is a game-changer in the agricultural industry. The software is top-notch, providing accurate and valuable information for optimized farm management. The installation process was a breeze, and the user-friendly interface made navigating through the guide a seamless experience. Highly recommended!
Mei Li and Hiroshi Tanaka
Mei Li and Hiroshi Tanaka
Couple of experts in agricultural business development
Read More
We have tried to find numerous tools to help us on a daily basis, but the AGRES virtual guide stands out from the rest. The exceptional software provides precise recommendations tailored to specific field conditions. The ease of installation and user-friendly interface have made it an indispensable resource in my work. It has definitely elevated my ability to deliver results.
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
Field Applications Engineer
Read More
As a field applications engineer, I've had the opportunity to work with various agricultural software solutions, and the AGRES virtual guide stands out from the crowd. The software is exceptional, offering a wide range of features and an intuitive interface. The installation process was quick and hassle-free. I highly recommend this guide for its excellent software and ease of use.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?

Our product is very intuitive. It is easy to operate, easy to set up, and it is also easy to install. You start your work with just three taps, no hassle, no difficulties.

Can I buy the most basic product and gradually upgrade?

This possibility is exactly one of our great differentials. All your investment is preserved, and you can evolve in your own time. If you are not yet used to technology, but are determined to start, we suggest starting with our most basic Navigation product, which is the Virtual Guide model IsoView 30. When you want to evolve, we sell single upgrades, from autopilot to improve your accuracy and comfort, and the application controls, to further improve your productivity in Spraying, Fertilizing and Planting.

Can I install the Virtual Guide on my old tractor?

The installation of the Virtual Guide on an old tractor will depend on the technical specifications of the tractor and the compatibility of the software. It is recommended to check with the supplier of the Virtual Guide for information regarding system requirements and compatibility with older tractor models. Some older tractors may not have the capability to support the installation of the Virtual Guide due to hardware or software limitations. It is always advisable to consult a specialized professional or reach out to technical support for specific guidance in your case.

I have a sprayer attached with 5 sections, is there a way to increase my productivity?

We can increase your productivity in three ways:

  • Fixed rate flow control: guaranteed application of the product at the recommended rate, without losses due to speed variation.
    Variable rate flow control: apply inputs at the right amount for each part of the field
    Automatic section cutting: avoids waste due to overlapping
  • All features can be purchased separately and gradually, evolving your product little by little, in your time.
  • We have Spray Control models for all types of sprayers, coupled, dragged, atomizers, self-propelled and furrow, and for the main types of valves on the market, Geoline, Arag, Tjeet, Jacto and Tecnomark.

Does the Virtual Guide only need one monitor?

Yes, our display has an integrated GPS (Virtual Guide) and an Autopilot. This makes operation easier and optimizes your investment, as a second screen will not be needed. The monitor uses smart seed sensors for population counting, and is also compatible with the main analog sensor models on the market.

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