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Solution Preparation kit for Drones

Solution Preparation kit for Drones

Maximize the precision of your drone spraying operations with our agricultural solution preparation kit. Ensure accurate mixtures, consistent delivery, and reduced waste for healthier crops and optimal yields.


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The agricultural solution preparation kit for drones is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire process of preparing and applying agricultural chemicals via drone. This integrated kit includes dedicated modules for precise mixing, thorough filtering, secure storage, efficient application, and rapid refueling. By automating and optimizing these functions, the kit empowers farmers to achieve unparalleled accuracy, reduce waste, maximize crop protection, and enhance overall operational efficiency.



• 79.2-gal tank (6.8-gal clean water tank)

• Structural support

• 220v pump

• 2″ supply port

• 6.8-gal mixture incorporator kit

• 3-section manual control kit

• Agitator

• Line filter

• Tank level kit

• 1/3 HP pump and mixer kit (use with power or with generator above 750 watts).

• Pump frequency is 60Hz.

• Pump capacity is 8 gal per minute.

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