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Virtual Guide AGRES

Virtual Guide AGRES

One of the most common jobs in the field has now become much easier!

The ISO 30 works as a virtual guide, which will control the path of the machines in your cultivation area, performing the navigations in parallel paths, regardless of whether the path starts on a straight line or a curve, requiring only one start and one end point.


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The system allows various field operations to be performed, such as soil preparation, seed planting, crop cultivation, and crop harvesting. Thus, with the information generated and stored in ISO 30, you can manage your entire agricultural operation in a more effective and strategic way, in order to improve your productivity.

Check out some of the benefits of ISO 30:

  • 7″ touch on-board computer – IsoView
  • Guidance control license – IsoGuide
  • L1 GPS/GLONASS antenna – IsoPoint 1
  • Simplicity of operation;
  • Easy installation;
  • Work on Straight or Curved guides;
  • Multiple guides in the same field;
  • Demarcation of limits and break points;
  • Measurement of area and speed;
  • Light bar that helps in orientation;
  • Information of the area covered by the machine in real time;
  • Saves and stores the worked areas automatically;
  • It has ample memory for data storage;
  • Update of versions and Upgrades through portable memory (USB);
  • Product and national support.

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